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The Garmin VHF 300 AIS marine receiver combines radio communication and 1 or 25 W of transmit power with multi-station support to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to safely navigate and communicate on the open waters. The VHF 300 AIS comes standard with a two-way hailer system and also is NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000® compliant to offer greater onboard functionality. In addition, the VHF 300 AIS takes advantage of Automatic Identification System technology to help you identify and avoid other large vessels at sea.

Communicate with Confidence
The VHF 300 AIS is equipped with a two-way 30 W hailer system for communication with other boats or deckhands. In addition, the VHF 300 AIS has a patent-pending voicemail feature that lets you pre-record a 15 second message and deliver the message to any Digital Selective Calling radio. You’ll also have the ability to replay the last 90 seconds of any incoming voice transmission at the touch of a button.

Identify Your Surroundings
With the VHF 300 AIS, you’ll get detailed data on your surroundings, regardless of visibility. You’ll have ship identification information, position, course and speed for vessels equipped with AIS within range. The VHF 300 AIS also receives both Class A and Class B signals at the same time to ensure no critical information is lost.

Take Full Control
The VHF 300 AIS is operated via the included GHS 10 handset microphone that allows full radio control from a remote location. The GHS 10 features a crisp 2 in (5.08 cm) LCD display, dedicated rotary key for frequent tasks, and three soft buttons for dynamic controls. The VHF 300 AIS uses the supplied 4 in (10.16 cm) active speaker with volume knob, the built-in speaker on the GHS 10 or an optional third-party passive speaker. Or, add up to 3 optional GHS 20/GHS 20i wireless handsets, allowing you the freedom to move about your vessel while staying in touch.¹

Save Space 
With a space-saving black box configuration, you’ll be able to mount the VHF 300 AIS wherever you choose. And with multi-station support, you can add the wired GHS 10 handset microphones throughout your vessel without having to add existing receivers. The system also can be used as an on-boat intercom if you have multiple stations aboard your vessel.

Stay Safe on the Seas
The Garmin VHF 300 AIS provides full NOAA weather alerts and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) capability via NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 connectivity. Should trouble arise, DSC provides distress calls with the push of a button. And if your boat already is interfaced with a compatible GPS chartplotter, you’ll get mayday signaling and a digital broadcast of your boat’s position. The VHF 300 AIS also features Position Tracking, which allows a mariner to locate and keep tabs on up to three other boats in the area.

¹Range of the GHS 20/GHS 20i wireless handset varies depending on installation, boat type and environment.

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tehnilised andmed
Seadme mõõtmed (Laius x Kõrgus x Sügavus)9.75 x 7.09 x 2.5" (24.8 x 18 x 16.4 cm)
NMEA sisend/väljundDSC (klass D), NMEA 0183/2000 sisend
Vooluallikas12.0 Vdc
Sagedus156.050 MHz to 163.275 MHz (including WX channels)
Väljund võimsus(at 13.6 Vdc): 25 W (HI); 1 W (LO)
Väliskõlari võimsus4 W
Valjuhääldi võimsus30W max

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