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Add SideVü/DownVü Scanning Sonar to Your Compatible Chartplotter

  • For use with compatible echoMAP™ and GPSMAP® series combos as well as GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series (see compatible devices)
  • Provides both DownVü and SideVü with CHIRP scanning sonar technology for a high-frequency, ultra-clear sonar picture of objects, structure and fish
  • Coexists on same network with other black box sonars, and allows networked devices to share internal sonar with other networked devices
  • 3 network ports provided for advanced networking for multiple units

The GCV 10 scanning sonar module provides the clearest scanning sonar images on the water. It adds bothSideVü and DownVü with CHIRP scanning sonar technologies to your compatible Garmin echoMAP or GPSMAP series combo as well as your GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series (see compatible devices). CHIRP technology sweeps through a range of frequencies to give you an ultra-clear sonar picture of objects, structure and fish that pass below (DownVü) and to the sides (SideVü) of the boat.

Together with your combo’s HD-ID™ sonar, you get an excellent search and confirmation tool for advanced fishfinding in both fresh and saltwater.

In addition, the GCV 10 can coexist on the same network with other black box sonars. For example, if you currently have a GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm, a GSD™ 24 advanced sonar module or a GSD 26 CHIRP professional sonar module on your Garmin Marine Network, you can greatly enhance your fishing capabilities by adding a GCV 10.

DownVü Scanning

DownVü gives you a nearly photographic sonar view of structure and fish that pass below your boat. You can view DownVü scanning images in conjunction with SideVü and your HD-ID sonar, or CHIRP sonar images on the same screen.


SideVü Scanning

An excellent tool for scoping out a fishing area quickly, SideVü provides a wide view of what lies off to either side of your boat. You see a crystal clear image that makes it easy to identify wrecks, structure, rocks and, yes, even the fish that are lurking next to them. You can view SideVü scanning images in conjunction with DownVü and your HD-ID sonar, or CHIRP sonar images on the same screen.


Multiple Options

The GCV 10 is sold with and without a transducer. The version with a transducer includes 12-pin DownVü/SideVü transom mount transducer with fast response temperature sensor.

Marine Network

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GCV 10
• DownVü/SideVü/temperatuur ahtriandur koos toitejuhtmega
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Physical & Performance

Physical dimensions9.9"×7.6"×2.6" (251 mm × 192 mm × 66 mm)
Weight1.86 lbs (845 g)
Water ratingIPX7
Temperature rangeFrom 5°F to 158°F (from -15°C to 70°C)
Compass-safe distance10.2 in. (26 cm)
Garmin Marine Network™ ports


Sonar Features & Specifications

Frequencies supported455/800 kHz (dependent on transducer)
Transmit power500 W rms




Maximum depthDownVü: 750 ft (229 m); SideVü: 500 ft (153 m)


Power input10-35 V
Power usage10.5 W maximum
Fuse4.0 A

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