Class B Compact Drive Unit


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The Class B Compact Drive Unit works with the GHP™ 12 marine autopilot system to control your sailboat's steering system. This device is designed for use with sailboats with up to 48,400 lbs of displacement.

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Drive Unit Type: Integrated Hydraulic linear

Stroke Length: 10" (254 mm)

Maximum Thrust: 1610 lb (730 kg)

Dimensions, WxHxD (centered): 31.9 x 4.6" x 8.9" (810 x 120 x 225 mm)

Supply Voltage: 10V to 30V (regulated to 12V by the ECU)

Average Clutch Current at 12V: 1 Amp

Average Motor Current at 12V: 2-4 Amps

Operating Temperature: -15° C to 50° C

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